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Monday, October 17, 2016

Another week in Paradise

So I continued with my Energy for Life course today. The previous modules I did were all about recognizing where I am, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The module I completed today and the next one after are all about making changes in your life which lead toward the life you want to live. Of course, defining the life I want to live is difficult as is recognizing where I stand currently on all four fronts mentioned above. There are pressures pushing down from society, friends, family, and work that are hard to block out when addressing my own issues. The part that makes it scary is that life will continue on whether you're present or not, so the longer you take to figure all these things out, the less time you have to enjoy life. You're probably thinking, but it's all about the journey not the destination! And I say to you, of course it's about the journey, but having a destination keeps me motivated. The super hard part is trying to figure out both a destination and how to get there while still having fun and laughing at the things that are funny and taking a moment when they're not. Time to go be in the present and enjoy my Monday evening!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The right side of the bed

Mmm, a great night sleep is hard to beat.

I'm sitting in my backyard with a cup of coffee though it's still dark with many clouds in the sky. I can hear the cars of the freeway which means traffic is moving. It feels warmer than yesterday though clouds usually keep more warmth in.

I did more of my energy for life class yesterday which covered some topics like what are the stories in you life that aren't leading you along the right path? What stories do you tell yourself are true when really they're based on the past and no longer apply? I also learned about two other topics, using stress to grow and multitasking.

I don't multitask often as I already know about myself I'm less productive when tackling multiple things. The other perspective is how effective I can be when giving one task my full attention. That makes so much sense, yet is hard to keep that at the forefront of my mind when there are other distractions and pressures.

As for using stress to grow, as in pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, then giving myself time to recover from that stress, it all makes sense, it's just hard to figure out specific ways to apply to my life. One thing that seems apparent is to plan my day out, determine work tasks and home tasks early on, then I don't waste my time. I'll also feel more accomplished, focused, and happier.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Energy for life

Today I attended the kickoff for a course called energy for life. It's all about energy management which apparently has been around for some time. Everyone wishes they had more time's finite...only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and so on. Energy is a bit more tricky though it's safe to bet there is plenty of it and can be restored in many ways, i.e. a good night's rest. I don't have problems with sleep though I'm sure I could handle my energy better resulting in a happier me. This is the beginning though, I've got to keep motivation up.

That's all for today, we took out some portals which definitely helped my mood, yay. Yummy leftover soup for dinner and now some cool dreams. Talk soon

Monday, June 3, 2013

First Lace Project and Summer Garment

So I finally finished the sweater I was working on. It only took me 10 weeks! Unfortunately for my blog (and you readers) I am pretty terrible with remembering to take pictures especially ones that look good and web/blog worthy. Plus, I haven't blocked the sweater yet, so although it's completed, it's not quite at it's final stage.

Several weeks ago I got a package from my aunt who is an avid knitter. We had chatted over email about knitting and I was excited to tell her about the sweater I was making. She was really excited about me getting into knitting and told me about some purple alpaca yarn she wanted to send me to make a scarf or mittens. I was really excited about that not only because it's great yarn but purple is my favorite color of all time. I gladly accepted her gift and thanked her (multiple times). The extra awesome surprise was she decided to send along a couple knitting books with her package. One is a stitch dictionary (woohoo!) which is great for getting ideas and switching up your plain garter or stockinette stitch into something a little snazzier. The other book is on Gansey's (also Guernsey's) which I started reading but I haven't started any projects on that yet.

So I'm very excited to have received these books and yarn, they will teach me new things and I'll definitely create something amazing out of the purple yarn. Since it's alpaca, I've actually set it aside for now because we've reached the summer months and it's just a little warm to be thinking about winter clothing. Instead, I've started my first lace project which is turning out nicely so far.
Pattern Page (Ravelry)
I got the white color because A) it's light and summery, B) didn't like the other colors, and C) if it every does get so dirty I can dye it a darker color. I haven't actually added it to my project page on ravelry yet, but I will. 
 I tried stretching it out a little to get a better sense of what it will look like. I've read that lace will look pretty funky until it's blocked so I'm holding judgments until I finish. I still think it looks pretty cool though.

I can't wait until I'm done with this since it is nice for summer weather. I also have pretty fair skin so I'm hoping it will help with not getting so sunburned every time I go outside.

Better get back to it.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gathering, Organizing, Expanding

So I realize I haven't written in a bad. There are just so many things on my list of I-really-want-to-do-this that writing just hasn't happened. What's funny is I should really be blogging about everything I'm doing right? Would make sense..alas..I get carried away and forget.

This morning I've been organizing/exploring what Google has to offer. First it was organizing my Drive files because there were so many random and unnamed ones it was driving me crazy. Next I discovered that there is a Google Scripts app for google drive. I haven't done much with it yet but it may come in handy. After that I went to check out the communities I'm a part of on Google+. I'm part of three right now and searching for others that spark my interest. I'm trying to be more interactive online only because it is a great way to share knowledge.

As for my blog, hopefully I can write more often even if it's just to update on the projects I'm doing.

Off to tackle another day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ravelry anyone?

I'm curious who else I know is a part of Ravelry....? I don't know too many other people who knit, only that there are lots of us out there. My username on there is theladyhat and I'm part of some groups but I know there are tons out there.

Here's some of the most recent stuff I've knitted:
For my sis

slouchy hat

warm socks for my mom

The socks are my second pair and although I love them, they take forever to make. So for now I'm working on smaller things that don't take so long and I get a little more instant gratification.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peace and Quiet

Early morning is probably one of my favorite times of the day if not the favorite. It's fall which means it's getting cooler and we've been having fog in the mornings. I don't know what it is, but fog gives off this eerie feeling but at the same time I imagine it to be an eye cover for mother nature. She's waking up and can't just open her eyes quickly, the fog has to rise up and slowly burn off until everything is visible. I went star gazing recently and slept out on the bed of a truck. It was a great night for it because there was no moon and all the stars came out. What I liked even better was waking up shortly after the break of dawn, sunrise was 7:08am. I usually wake up at around 7:00am so time wise this wasn't too different. There's something about sleeping outside without windows to block light that just changes the experience. Most days I would love to have my bedroom window face east so I can wake up with the sun. I feel morning is a better time to get things done or even if I'm not getting something done, it's way more peaceful than late at night. Don't get me wrong, hanging around a camp fire until it burns out is a lot of fun too, but on a daily basis, I'd rather have my early mornings.

That's all I've got for now, my brain's moving too fast and I've got to get my day started!